Top 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

There are many reasons couples break up. Sometimes the relationship has just reached its natural conclusion and it is time to move on to another relationship. Other times it is because of different behaviors within the relationship. Here are the top 10 reasons couples break up:

1. Controlling behavior. When one person wants total control in the relationship, quite often the relationship comes to an end. No one really wants every aspect of their life micro managed or controlled by their partner. Control freaks feel a need to be in control of their life, their partners life, and of the relationship. They often isolate their partner from friends or family, which in the end also backfires. When the person finally has finally had enough and wants to live life on their own terms and no longer be controlled, they break up and the relationship ends for good.

2. Cheating / Infidelity is another top reason couples break up. When cheating has occurred, the foundation of the relationship has been destroyed. Even if the couple really wants to work things out, quite often they find the damage infidelity caused is too enormous to fix and they break up for good. Many people believe that once someone has cheated, the chances of them cheating again is very high. Because of that, they feel it is better to just break up and find someone else that can be faithful to them.

Top 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

Top 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

3. Sexual incompatibility is another reason couples often break up. The sex could be too kinky, too infrequent, or unsatisfying to one partner and they decide to leave the relationship. Porn is another reason many women have stated that they decided to break up with their partners.

4. Abuse. Physical, emotional and mental abuse are both top reasons couples break up. No one wants to be abused, and when abuse enters a relationship, many people exit that relationship as soon as possible. The fear of the abuse continuing is enough for them to want to escape their abuser and find a healthy, happier relationship.

5. Constant fighting about the same issues are another reason couples break up. When your interactions with your loved on center on fights, drama and arguing, it breaks down the relationship itself. The communication breaks down, which causes an emotional separation. The constant negativity and feeling of hopelessness hangs over the relationship constantly and continually. It affects the sexual relationship of the couple too. This is a reason many people claim to have affairs. If the arguing doesn’t lessen and the problems get resolved, a break up may be inevitable.

6. Different priorities can also cause a couple to break up. If, let’s say the woman’s top priority is family but the mans priority is work it is easy to see how this could lead to a break up. Of course the man cannot quit his job, but if his career priorities cause him to put off having a family for too long, the woman may throw in the towel. If the man wants children but the woman does not ever want to have kids, this could also be a reason a break up.

7. Financial issues/strain is another top reason couples break up. Financial hardships can really take a toll on a relationship. Major differences in financial planning and spending can also lead to a break up. If one partner wants to save up for a house yet the other keeps spending on frivolous items this can cause major blows ups between them. Financial irresponsibility can also do irreparable damage. Not being truthful about bills and purchases can also cause relationships to come to an end. One partner being way too cheap is another way money can end a relationship.

8. Family and friends can also cause a couple to break up. Family pressures, values, and obligations can ruin even really stable loving relationships. One partner may constantly be at the beck and call of their family and friends which takes away from the relationship. Friends and family may also be very negative towards the relationship and try to cause as many problems as they can. Family and friend drama can weaken the foundation of a relationship where one partner feels the constant need to defend their friends and family where the other partner is constantly feeling attacked.

9. Being too clingy and needy is a top reason couples break up. When someone feels the need for space and can never get it, resentment can build. At first, it may come off as flattering, but after a while a partner can feel suffocated.

10. Disrespect is one reason couples break up. If a partner is being disrespected in front of others or alone they often reach a point where they would rather end the relationship than stay in it. When someone disrespects you, it is very hard to believe that they love you. When you no longer feel loved, you no longer feel you should stay in that relationship.

it is important to realize that not every couple going through issues such as these will break up. Some couples may be able to turn things around before it is too late. If your relationship is facing issues such as these, call Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise and see if they can help turn your relationship around.

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