Top 10 Reasons Good Relationships Go Bad

Why do so many good relationships go bad? How many seemingly “perfect couples” suddenly break up and no one saw it coming? We compiled our list of top 10 reasons good relationships can go bad.

1. The honeymoon is over. Many relationships that start out good and seem perfect turn into complete nightmares. When a relationship starts, people are at their best and show only their best sides. They give a lot to the relationships (that they cannot sustain) and offer a lot of their time and attention. Quite often what we thought made a couple compatible was not enough to survive some major differences and/or beliefs can tear a couple apart. There are also people who bail at the first sign of confrontation or any sort of problem.

2. Change in financial status or lifestyle. When financial crises occur, it can pull the rug out from under even the most stable of relationships. It also exposes relationships that were built on money and a standard of living.

Top 10 reasons good relationships go bad

Top 10 Reasons Good Relationships Go Bad

3. The sex slows down or becomes routine. When a relationship is new, the sex may be frequent and exciting, but as time goes by, the romance and spark begins to dim. There are some people who think sex is not an important part of their relationship, and let it fall to the wayside. Their partners may see things quite differently, and the conflict begins and resentments grow. When couples distance themselves sexually, they can sometimes distance themselves emotionally as well.

4. People can stop working on a relationship and it begins to crumble. The daily phone calls or texts just to say hi don’t come anymore. The compliments are now replaced with criticisms, complaints or nagging. The person who used to hang on your every word is now too busy to listen to what you have to say. What made you feel loved is now a distant memory and replaced with emotional or physical distance.

5. Too much drama from the outside. If a couple wants to keep their relationship good, they have to block out, as a team, outside influences that bring drama into their relationship. Yes, you may love your sister, and feel the need to help her out and let her stay with you. But if they are causing problems in your relationship, it may be wiser to help her out financially and let her stay somewhere else to keep your relationship intact.

6. New jobs, career changes, or relocation. If a couple has to move to a new area, the stress and change may make the couple grow apart and take the stress of the situation out on each other. For instance, if a couple relocates because one of them  takes on a new job, the other partner may have a hard time filling in their free time and feel quite lonely and isolated. They rely on their partner for human contact and feel like they have nothing and no one else. This can make them feel resentful of the others new job, and that it has affected them so negatively. They may also blame their partner for it happening, and get mad at them for not understanding how they feel and “making it all better”.

7. Growing apart. If a couple does not have enough shared goals and dreams, they can wind up going their separate ways. If there is not enough common ground they walk on separate paths. As they go in different directions, they can often get so far away from each other that they cannot find their way back.

8. The relationship never grows or evolves. The relationship may have started out great and with so much potential it seems perfect in every way. If years pass and the relationship never reaches a new or higher level, it stagnates. If no commitment comes, and no new levels are reached such as cohabitation, engagement or marriage, what had potential to one person seems to have none anymore. If the couple is not on the same page with the direction the relationship is headed, then it may be headed towards an ending.

9. Betrayals of trust. When one partner (or both) behaves in a way that causes trust to be lost in the relationship, it can be the beginning of the end. It is very easy to destroy trust, and once it is lost, it may be impossible to get it back.

10. A breakdown of communication. If the couple doesn’t leave time to talk about their feelings, fears,goals, and even simple things like sharing their day, a wedge is created. If allowed, that wedge will only grow in size and the day comes when the couple no longer feels like a couple, but like complete strangers.

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