Top 10 Relationship Regrets

We all have relationship regrets. We can’t help but look back on our relationships and see things we could have done differently. Many of us would love the opportunity to go back in time and do or say the things we could have. Others would love the opportunity to go back in time to not do or say things that they shouldn’t have. Our relationship regrets should be lessons we apply going forward so we do not make the same mistakes we did previously. So what are some common relationship regrets?

Top 10 Relationship Regrets

1. The first relationship regret is being too critical. We may have been too controlling and quick to point out faults every chance we got. When the relationship ended many wish they have given more compliments instead of criticisms.

2. Having unrealistic expectations is another of the relationship regrets we must face. If we had unrealistic expectations in our relationship, it was doomed to fail. People are not perfect, and neither are relationships. You both have to do your share, and have realistic expectations of one another.

3. Making too many sacrifices for the same person to keep the relationship going is something many people regret doing. Whether you put off your goals of a career, children, marriage or anything else important to you, these are things you may deeply regret. Especially if the other person made too few sacrifices for you and in the relationship.

relationship regrets

Top 10 Relationship Regrets

4. Ignoring all the red flags warnings about your relationship. Ignoring those red flags something far too many people regret. In hindsight, they feel those red flags could have saved them a lot of time and heartache if they had not chosen to ignore them. Always pay attention to the red flags in your relationship.

5. Staying with someone for the wrong reasons is the fifth relationship regret. When you stay in a relationship for reasons like not wanting to be alone, or for financial stability, you may wind up regretting it later. A relationship should be built on mutual love and respect, and if it isn’t, it can’t exactly be filled with happiness, can it? You can be just as lonely in the wrong relationship as you can being single.

6. Another of the top relationship regrets is not standing up for oneself. So many people wish they would have had the courage to stand up for themselves when they were mistreated in their relationship. They wonder if doing so could have changed the relationship for the better. They also wonder if that would have given them the courage to leave that relationship.

7. Breaking up with someone and ending a relationship is a major regret for some folks. Quite often in the heat of anger you can say something you don’t mean. When you break up with someone and regret it, it may be too late and that person won’t take you back. Never break up with someone until you have had time to seriously think about it, and are ready to move on.

8. Moving a relationship to quickly is another relationship regret. Whirlwind relationships feel good for a short time, but when they die down and end we realize the big mistake we made. Rebound relationships, as in relationships we started before we had time to heal the last one, is another example of moving too quickly that many regret.

9. Bringing personal finances into a relationship is a very costly mistake and one far too many deeply regret making. When you are in love you want to help your partner if they are struggling financial. Of course you believe they will pay you back. When you are in a relationship with someone you feel no need to draw up legal papers protecting your assets and finances. When the relationship ends you realize how screwed you are. Sometimes you want to leave a relationship but can’t because they owe you money and you fear if you end the relationship you will never get it. Keep your finances out of your relationships going forward unless you do things properly and legally. It can actually help your relationship to do so.

10. Believing and trusting in the wrong person is our of the relationship regrets. When someone lies to you, cheats on you, or breaks yet another promise to you, you feel hurt and mad at them and yourself. Looking back you wish you saw them for the liar they are and regret believing they would change or do the right thing in the future. You regret giving too many chances to someone when all it did what give them another chance to hurt you.

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