When will he commit to me? Will I get a Commitment?

When will he commit?

When will he commit? Will I get a commitment?

When will he commit to me? When will we be in a committed relationship? Here that question so many times, on a daily basis and while we will do our best to answer it for you, first there are some things we would like you to know.

Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. When entering into a marriage contract there should be a lot of forethought, planning and discussion between the people who are getting married, after considerable time has been emotionally vested by both parties. We find that many callers believe that the ultimate goal of a relationship is marriage and to get there as quickly as possible. Just as there are no instant relationships, there are no quickie marriages either. It is a serious consideration. You are combining your lives and your assets and investing your emotions with another person ‘till death do you part’.  It is a way to enhance your relationship and deepen your commitment to each other, NOT fix  broken relationship.

When will he commit? Get him to say I do!

When will he commit? Get him to say I do!


During psychic readings we often get questions about marriage that, quite frankly, confuse the hell out of us. Here are some examples:

  • I keep running into this guy at school/the gym/McDonalds and I think he is really cute, do you think we will get married someday?
  • My girlfriend has cheated on me during our entire relationship, and I have given her an ultimatum to marry me or I am leaving her. Will she marry me?
  • My boyfriend of 3 years has drug and alcohol addictions, but I love him, and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Will we ever get married?
  • I just met a lady on the internet, and we have been instant messaging, texting, and talking on the phone for months talking about marriage. Is she the one?

Let’s start with example #1. Ok, the guy is cute, REALLY CUTE, but what are you even THINKING about marriage for when you know nothing ABOUT him? You have never even spoken to him! A better question would be “Will we ever go on a date?”. Start from the beginning, get to know the person, THEN ask us, after if you decide to get serious with this him. So often we are asked, “Could this lead to marriage?” at the very beginning and that is a very complex answer. It is your choice if you wish to marry someone, not ours. We can tell you if it would be a good marriage, but we cannot tell you who to marry, that is your free will. We can tell you if someone loves you, we can read feelings that are THERE, but 99% of us can’t say “Yeah the guy at the gym will fall madly in love with you.” Because if we tell you “yeah, he will fall madly in love with you,” and then YOU CHOOSE to call him 80 times a day, through your own free will you have sabotaged everything.

Now for example 2… So many times we are faced with situations such as this. The relationship is dysfunctional and completely out of control, yet a person believes if they marry the one they are asking us about, things will miraculously transform – like – POOF..but we are not your fairy godmothers.  Yes, things will change. For the worse. First and foremost, the cheating needs to be addressed. You need to find the answers to basic questions such as:

  • Why was there cheating in your relationship?
  • Can the cheating be stopped?
  • Can the trust be recovered?
  • Can they have a healthy relationship?

Save yourself the trouble and ask about marriage when all of those questions are answered to your satisfaction because without doing so, a cheating girlfriend WILL BECOME a cheating wife.

When will he commit to me?

When will he commit to me?

Example 3 is more common than you think and unfortunately many people believe that their love can stop a person from addictive behavior. Guess what folks? It can’t. If a person is a true addict, NOTHING and NO ONE is more important than their addiction. If it is alcohol and they are a full-blown alcoholic, they love alcohol more than you. Until their addictive behavior is under control, the relationship is a recipe for disaster. Instead of that question, the real questions should be:

  • Will they overcome their addiction?
  • What can I do so I do not enable them anymore?
  • How do I remain strong in the process and not let them take me down with them?

These questions  we ARE able to answer so that you will be able to see the truth of your situation to determine the path you wish to take for your own happiness.

Example #4 is a frequently asked question now that internet dating is so popular and accepted. But you need to MEET on the internet, and DATE in real life. Text messages, phone conversations, and letters should not replace DATES. You can’t have a relationship by text message, it is just not feasible. You have got to spend time with the person, FACE TO FACE, to see if you are compatible. In this scenario, better questions would be:

  • Does this person really want the same type of relationship I want?
  • Are they talking with or pursuing other online candidates?
  • Will distance be an issue?
  • Are they just looking for sex?

If you have a dysfunctional relationship, you will have a dysfunctional marriage. It is that simple. How many couples do you know who had turbulent dating situations who ended up marrying anyway? Of course their marriage will be turbulent as well! The problems need to be addressed BEFORE the marriage, or it only complicates the issues and makes them more volatile.

We realize so many of you out there want to be married, and we want you to be HAPPILY married. Allow us to guide your current relationship/marriage back on track so you can have the relationship and marriage you have always wanted – one that makes you happy! Psychic Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both 5-star master psychics who focus on love, romance, soulmates and relationships. If you want to know if your current romantic relationship

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