Calling it Quits in Soul Mate Relationships

We may believe it is time for calling it quits, even in soul mate relationships. It can be frustration with a relationship that makes us feel it is time for calling it quits. It can be with a business we are trying to keep afloat yet we feel like we are drowning. A friendship can have us reach a point where calling it quits seems to be the only option.

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Calling it Quits in Soul Mate Relationships

Soul mates quite often go through periods of time where calling it quits leads to soul mate separation. Soul mates are not what many people believe them to be. Many people are unaware that soul mates can break up even though there is an intense connection between them. Twin flames don’t call it quits. Soul mates do. And sometimes soul mates think calling it quits over and over again won’t destroy the relationship. This is not the truth. Even though soul mates have that unique bond and connection, soul mates can separate for good.

In many cases, soul mates that call it quits often wind up finding their way back to one another. The intensity of soul mate relationships is so strong. The connection is so deep, and the feelings so overwhelming that many people feel a loss of control. With this feeling of loss of control can come a desire to regain control. One such way is to call it quits with their soul mate. They get the idea that if they cannot get control of their emotions, then why not just end the relationship? This way they get their control back. That may sound good on paper but it is not always the case. We are responsible for controlling our emotions to a certain degree, but we cannot shut our emotions off entirely. We are humans, not robots.

Many people call psychics because the one they love or even their soul mate has called it quits and they are devastated. They want to know if there is a chance for a reunion because the thought of being without them hurts too much. People should take break ups seriously, yet some break ups should not be taken seriously. Why? Because some people do not see the difference between a fight and a break up. Just because a couple has a fight does not mean it will lead to a break up, especially with soul mates. It is okay for a couple to have disagreements, and it can actually resolve problems and bring the couple closer together. Some people worry that every little argument or cross word will lead to calling it quits. This is not always true, and if the relationship is a healthy one, it cannot be true. What that worry does signify is that there is a bigger problem that is not being addressed. If the one you love has called it quits, or you are feeling it may be time to call it quits, contact Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. Our gifted psychic readers can help you understand if it really is time to let go and move toward closure, or if you are worrying needlessly and why.

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