Free Love Spell : Love Spell You Can Do For Free

Instead of wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on internet spellcasters who are really truly only after your money, you have the power within you to do a little magic yourself with A free love spell!  Magic, and spells for that matter, are really nothing more than energy work where you use the materials as a way to hold your focus while you do the ritual. It is the motion and process of the ritual itself that keeps you focused on your intent and desire. But please remember you can never bend the free will of another human being to coerce them into wanting to be with you and neither can anyone else for that matter. You can, however, do some manifesting on your own and only have to invest in a few materials to make it happen.


Free Love Spell !

For example, if you are currently single and would like to attract a love interest into your life, without naming a name, a free love spell could definitely give you an energy boost. Before doing love spells it is important to check the moon cycle and gather the materials you will need for the spell. Most love spells should be performed when the moon is waxing up until the time it is full. After the full moon, the love spell will not be as effective. A waning moon, the time from the full moon to the next new moon, is a time of release and letting go, a time when were free ourselves of blockages and obstacles. To do a love spell at this time would give the energy of freeing love from you life. That is not what you want to do.

You could perform this love spell on any night of the week, but some circles say that Friday or Saturday night is best. After you have gathered your items, it is good to cleanse them to make sure they are free of any negative energies or funk attached from anyone else. To clear your materials you can put them outside in the sun for a few minutes or sprinkle them with salt or smudge with a sage stick.


Free Love Spells

Here is a simple FREE LOVE SPELL to attract a love relationship into your life

A piece of paper, preferably parchment paper
A pen (not a pencil)
A red ribbon
Your favorite perfume
Your favorite shade of lipstick
A pink candle

Get into a quiet and centered place and light the candle. Using the pen and paper list all the qualities you seek in a partner. Even though you may have a specific person in mind for this exercise, it is best not to try and specifically use their characteristics as we can not use magic and love spells to override the free will of another human being. Love spells just dont work that way. Lightly spritz the paper with your perfume. Roll the paper like a scroll and tie the red ribbon around it. Apply the lipstick and kiss the envelope!! Now sit quietly for a few minutes with the scroll in both hands in front of you and envision yourself happy, peaceful and in love. Hold the image in your mind for as long as you can, focusing on your happiness. When you are finished, put the scroll under your pillow or in a safe place. Don’t untie it or you will break the spell.

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