Dysfunctional Relationships and How to Know You’re In One

Dysfunctional Relationships

We have all heard of dysfunctional relationships, but what exactly makes a relationship dysfunctional? How do you know if your relationship truly is dysfunctional, or if you and your spouse (or boyfriend / girlfriend) are just going through a rough patch? A dysfunctional relationship is one that doesn’t work. The…

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Is My Husband Cheating on Me?

Cheating husband

Many wives have asked us “Is my husband cheating on me?” Often a husband will think they are playing it cool and that their wives will never suspect them, much less catch them, when they have affairs. They think no one would catch on, but to the wives that have…

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When You Love Someone Who is not Single

You have been single for a while and have been waiting to meet the right person. Recently you met someone who you feel may be the one for you. You feel different about them than anyone else you have met before. Everything seems so easy and natural between you. The awkwardness was…

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Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

What is the worst case scenarios in relationships? Some worst case scenarios in relationships can include cheating, lying, or leaving to be with someone else. The problem with focusing only on the worst case scenarios in relationships is that such a negative viewpoint can affect the relationship in a negative…

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