Dysfunctional Relationships and How to Know You’re In One

Dysfunctional Relationships

We have all heard of dysfunctional relationships, but what exactly makes a relationship dysfunctional? How do you know if your relationship truly is dysfunctional, or if you and your spouse (or boyfriend / girlfriend) are just going through a rough patch? A dysfunctional relationship is one that doesn’t work. The…

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Your Soulmate Getting Back Together Their Ex

Your Soulmate Back Together Their Ex

If your soulmate gets back together with their ex, there is no doubt you will feel miserable. You check social media and see pictures of all the fun things they are doing. They are smiling, happy, and you want to cry because it is so painful to see but you…

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Valentine’s Day After a Break-Up

Valentine’s Day when you’ve broken up is especially difficult. Many people have experienced their relationships ending right before, or even on, Valentine’s Day! That makes Valentine’s Day especially hard to bear. It worse is when all you want is your ex back, instead of being angry at them. You hate being…

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Are You Still Stuck on Your Ex? Time to Move Forward with YOUR Life

stuck on my ex

Are you still stuck on your ex? Are you trying as hard as you can to get over your ex but it isn’t working? Do you wish you could move on and find someone else but are having no luck? Do you wonder what your ex is doing and if they are…

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You Miss Him but Does He Miss You?

Do you miss him and wonder does he miss you? Have you been trying to forget about your ex but finding thoughts of them keep creeping up on you? It’s hard to not think about an ex, especially when the break up is still fresh in your mind. We have…

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Will He Try to Win You Back?

getting back together

Will he try to win you back? You didn’t want to have to end your relationship, but the time had come. You couldn’t take it anymore, and called the relationship off. Now you can’t help but wonder if they will try to win you back. You don’t want the relationship…

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Your Soul Mate’s Ex-Girlfriend

Your Soul Mate's Ex-Girlfriend

A soul mate’s ex-girlfriend can be quite the problem, despite the fact that she is an ex. When you are in a relationship with a soul mate who is a runner, who do you think they run to? When a soul mate is a runner, in many cases they run…

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Heartbroken Over My Ex

I’m heartbroken over my ex and can’t stop thinking about him/her. How can I get my ex out of my head? My ex is seeing someone else, and I am heartbroken. How can I move forward like my ex has? I am heartbroken over my ex who recently got married.…

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