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Don’t Leave it All Up to Destiny

  • Posted on October 8, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Destiny and fate often go hand in hand in peoples minds.

destiny and relationships

Don’t Leave it All Up to Destiny

When we find ourselves meeting someone significant to us in a bizarre way, we may chalk it up to destiny doing it’s job. But how much of our relationship should be left to destiny? Not much.

You may not be able to control how or when you meet people you eventually love, but how long they stay in your life is more in your hands than in the hands of fate. If you think that just because you were destined to meet someone that destiny is responsible for keeping you together forever, you are mistaken. Destiny gives you a chance. A chance at love, a career opportunity, or can change the path you were on. Where you go from there is on you, not just on destiny.

So let’s say you met someone you feel you were destined to meet because of the amazing bond and chemistry you share. Congratulations. Good for you. But remember, that is step one. Destiny will take a back seat and give the two of you a chance to screw it up or treasure it. It is up to the two of you to take the gift that destiny has bestowed upon you and do with it what you will. Just because destiny helped you out once, doesn’t mean it will always be there as your relationship repair kit. If either of you lie, cheat, or behave in any way that disrespects the relationship, destiny will not bail you out. Destiny is not responsible for bad choices or habits or behaviors the two of you allowed to become a part of your relationship. YOU created that, YOU fix it.

Destiny has other things to do. Destiny may step in here and there, but the heavy lifting is really up to the couple. You cannot expect destiny to create major changes in your relationship. Destiny did not create the problem, whoever did is responsible for turning things around. If you or your partner has done a lot of damage to the foundation of your relationship, it is time to take control. A dysfunctional relationship will only get more dysfunctional with time. Problems in relationships should not be ignored, they should be dealt with maturely. Don’t rely on destiny to bail you out.

Destiny gives us opportunities. Some can be positive, some negative. But we must work together with destiny and our free will to take those opportunities and create positive out of them. Look at your relationship and see what you can do, no matter how big or small that can create positive changes right now. Begin using your own power guide your relationship down a better path instead of waiting for destiny to take the wheel.

Taking Risks in Relationships

  • Posted on August 15, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Taking risks in relationships is not always wise, but all relationships have an element of risk.

risk taking in relationships

Taking Risks in Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, taking risks in relationships almost always seems worth taking. So should you take the risk and enter into a relationship? The best course of action is to assess the risk. Don’t avoid it, acknowledge it. You will be better equipped to handle and perhaps even lessen the risks involved in a relationship if you see them clearly. Too often the risk factor is right in front of us, almost as a sign from the universe of what we need to watch out for. Think of it as what the worst case scenarios could be. When it comes to other areas of our life we often focus too much on worst case scenarios, yet in relationships, not often enough. The more we honestly realize how much of a risk we are taking, the better the chance we have of dealing with these risk as they arise. Our hearts, emotions, and happiness should be taken seriously. When it comes to our job we are very careful and often would never think of risking our jobs. We try and play it smart when it comes to our finances and income. We should be just as aware of what we stand to lose when taking risks in relationships.

Many people begin affairs because they are focused on the sex, the new feelings of romance and the adrenaline rush. You would be surprised how shocked many people in affairs are when they are caught. It is as if they never thought as seriously as they should what would and could happen if they got busted. Why? Before they acted and chose to risk losing their relationship, shouldn’t they have put more thought into the consequences? Just because you think you may avoid the consequences of any behaviors, actions or words that could affect your relationship, does not mean you will. Chances are you won’t. So really think about what you are risking as opposed to what you think you are momentarily gaining.

You do not have to take every risk that comes your way. You have free will and are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences you may face because of those choices. If the red flags are all waving regarding the person you are dating, why would you consider a relationship with them? All relationships have an element of risk. We get no guarantees that it will work out. No amount of research beforehand can eliminate all the risks. But shouldn’t we only take those risks that have a better chance at a better outcome? You wouldn’t bet your savings if you only had a 10 percent chance of winning would you? You wouldn’t take the risk. Why then would you risk your heart, your love, your happiness, your body, mind and soul on a risky relationship with terrible odds? Sure, you can say it is because you love the person. But there was a time when you felt less for them, at the beginning. It was at that time that you could have bailed and chosen not to take the risk. Sure, it would have hurt, but not to the depth you would now if you ended it. Never be afraid to put the brakes on a relationship if the risks are too high. You could save yourself a lot of heartache and wasted time down the line.

New Relationship For The New Year?

  • Posted on December 8, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Many people want to start off the new year with a new relationship. New Year’s Eve is a couples holiday. Single people without someone special in their life often make a wish, or even a resolution to not be alone next New Year’s Eve. But is it all that easy? It isn’t like going to the store and buying the perfect Christmas gift. Finding the right new relationship that can last several decades worth of New Year’s eves is not as easy as some people seem to think it is, or that it should be.  So many people lament to us about how hard it is to meet the right person for them, when it truth, they shouldn’t expect it to be easy. Of course there are people who are lucky enough to find the right people for them quickly, but not everyone is that lucky.

New Relationship For The New Year?

New Relationship For The New Year?

Many people settle for someone they know isn’t their ideal mate because they are tired of wading in the dating pool. Many people pretend to be happy on the outside with their relationships when behind closed doors it is another story altogether.  If celebrities who are in the public eye can hide the trouble in their relationships, why wouldn’t you think your friends, neighbors, or co-workers can’t hide it as well? So many things perpetuate the myth that it should be easy to find a new relationship that is right for you within a month or two or their is something wrong with you. Why is it, that women can’t find a bridal gown at a bridal store, with thousands of gowns to choose from yet think finding the right new relationship that could lead to marriage should be easier than finding the right gown? With the new year approaching us, shouldn’t we resolve to not get into a new relationship unless it is with the right person? Shouldn’t we start raising our standards rather than lower them? Shouldn’t we make it our goal to be o.k. with being alone rather than taking bad risks with our next new relationship? Shouldn’t we tell ourselves that this new year will be different because we will make better choices this year and every year from now on? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to love who we are to know what we deserve and what we don’t? The best gift you can get this holiday season is the one you give to yourself, and that is realizing that there is someone out there who would be lucky to have you.