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Angry Couples in Relationships

  • Posted on February 3, 2017 at 7:02 pm
Angry Couples in Relationships

Angry couples in relationships are at a seriously dangerous crossroads. If the couple does not find a way to become less angry at one another the relationship will only get more toxic. Too many couples, when they know one or both parties are very angry, either do nothing to help…

Comparing Relationships: Is Theirs Really Better?

  • Posted on March 1, 2016 at 9:00 am
comparing relationships

Comparing relationships is a part of human nature. We see a man treat his wife or girlfriend in ways we wished ours would and become envious. Sometimes we wish we could have a relationship like someone else’s. When we are single, it seems as if every one on earth is…

Sabotaging Love

  • Posted on December 30, 2015 at 2:56 am
love psychic readings

Sabotaging love happens in more relationships than people realize. There are many people sabotaging relationships without really wanting to. A deep-rooted issue causes many people to start sabotaging their relationship even when things are going really great. It could be a fear of abandonment. It could be a fear of…

Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

  • Posted on November 12, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Good relationships really are worth the wait. There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself open for the right person to come along. People have a hard time being single. It is so tempting to give the wrong people a chance, because it is tiring looking for the best match. So right from the beginning, even though the red flags are present early on, many people take the plunge and give a  ‘bad’ situation a chance. Then they spend an endless amount of time trying to make a bad relationship a good one.

The red flags were there as a warning that no good relationship would come from it, but they were ignored. Red flags are there for a reason. They are to help you to avoid bad relationships and experiences. If someone is lonely, or afraid they will grow old alone, they may stick out a bad relationship because they don’t want to start over. They feel what they have is better than nothing, and who is to say they would find better than what they have right now?

 Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

These people should wait for an opportunity for good relationships rather than taking chances with such bad odds. It may make sense to some people to get involved with someone rather than wait around. The problem with that theory is that if you are with the wrong person, in a bad relationship, you will miss opportunities for good relationships.

People also learn bad relationship skills from bad relationships. They weren’t necessarily born with them, instead they learned from their bad experiences. They now take these bad relationship habits and skill and bring them into their new ones. Any wonder why they have the same problems in their relationships, one after the other? You could have been in a bad relationship with the wrong person. Just because you leave and start another one doesn’t mean you left that bad relationship behind. You will bring insecurities, ways of fighting, any list of bad habits along to infest your new relationship.

This is one of the main reasons good relationships are worth the wait. If your dating experience with someone has been horrible and totally stressful, why on earth would you enter into a relationship with them? That is going to be horrible and totally stressful too! A change in your status won’t make things better. Your dynamics are already there, and just changing your title won’t change a thing. It takes real effort and so much time to try to change dynamics once they are established. And even with all that effort and time nothing may wind up changing at all.

There is no way to avoid a bad relationship. Even the most cautious person can find themselves in the midst of a crummy relationship. That’s ok, as long as you get the hell out of there and spend an eternity trying to make it work. There has to come a time when you acknowledge it doesn’t work between you because it is not supposed to work. You aren’t truly compatible in important ways, don’t see eye to eye, and don’t want the same things. Don’t wait for things to get even worse. Cut yourself lose and seek something better, because good relationships are worth the wait, and the effort.

Doing Your Part in a Relationship

  • Posted on October 29, 2015 at 8:17 pm
Doing Your Part in a Relationship

Each partner needs to be doing their part in a relationship in order for it to work. It can’t be just one doing both parts in the relationship. No one can keep a relationship together all by themselves. If your relationship is important to you, don’t wait until it is…

Your Soul Mate’s Ex-Girlfriend

  • Posted on September 5, 2015 at 5:39 pm
Your Soul Mate's Ex-Girlfriend

A soul mate’s ex-girlfriend can be quite the problem, despite the fact that she is an ex. When you are in a relationship with a soul mate who is a runner, who do you think they run to? When a soul mate is a runner, in many cases they run…

10 Ways to Date Smart and Safe

  • Posted on August 27, 2015 at 5:00 pm
10 Ways to Date Smart and Safe

Dating smart and safe can help you enjoy the process and find someone who is right for you. Too many people make mistakes during the dating process and wind up with relationships destined to fail. Dating should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t feel like a chore or a road…

Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

  • Posted on August 5, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

What do you do when you seem to have the perfect relationship but an ex-boyfriend keeps causing as many problems as he can think of? What do you do if you have moved on from your ex-boyfriend, but he refuses to move on from you? What should you do if…

Top 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

  • Posted on January 29, 2015 at 10:00 am
Top 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

There are many reasons couples break up. Sometimes the relationship has just reached its natural conclusion and it is time to move on to another relationship. Other times it is because of different behaviors within the relationship. Here are the top 10 reasons couples break up: 1. Controlling behavior. When…

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

  • Posted on January 26, 2015 at 1:59 pm

When people look for relationship qualities in a mate, they often get sidetracked by qualities that really won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. There are a few very important qualities to look for in a prospective partner that can help your relationship flow more smoothly and evolve over time.

1. Truthfulness – If the person in your life tells lies here and there or bends the truth, this may be a red flag of worse lies to come. If you cannot believe what comes out of your loved ones mouth, then you cannot build a foundation of trust. Without trust, a relationship doesn’t really stand a chance.

2. Morality/Integrity is a very important quality to look for in a relationship. When things go bad, or times get tough, you need to know the person you love won’t cross certain moral lines. Someone with questionable morality or lack of integrity is a very bad risk when it comes to relationships.

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

3. As we said in our article Adult Relationships Cannot Handle Childish Behavior  maturity is a key requirement for a happy healthy relationship. Without maturity, your relationship is almost destined to be filled with major amounts of drama and dysfunction.

4. Another important quality to look for in a relationship is the willingness to compromise. The most successful relationships will almost always have a certain degree of compromise on both parties. If only one partner is willing to make compromises, the relationship is off-balance. Both partners must work at a relationship, not just one.

5. Emotional availability is another important quality to look for in a relationship. If you want a man or woman who is affectionate and expresses their feelings, then find someone capable of it. Don’t think it is just a matter of time before they open up, because that day may never come.

6. Consistency is also an important quality in a relationship. It is not about being perfect, it is about being a certain way most of the time. We all have our off days and our bad moods, but if bad behavior or attitudes pop up much too frequently, it will negatively affect the relationship.

7. Empathy is a quality many people find important in relationships. When you are feeling bad, angry, sick or anxious, you want your partner to help you out, not make things worse. It is not our partners responsibility to fix everything for us, but if they have no empathy, then the bad times are always made worse.

8. Chemistry does not really develop over time. If chemistry isn’t present right away, it rarely grows over time. Chemistry is a quality many people find important, so make sure there is some in your relationship or it may not progress.

9 Similar priorities are a great quality to have in a relationship. If a couple does not have the same priorities, it is usually bound to cause major riffs down the road that could lead to a break up.

10. The last, and very important quality to look for in a relationship is the ability to communicate well. If a couple cannot argue, talk or share properly, the relationship will eventually break down.


If your relationship is lacking any of these qualities, contact Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah for clarity and insight into your relationship. Sarah and Sophia are relationship experts and life coaches who can help you get your relationship on track.