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Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

  • Posted on November 12, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Good relationships really are worth the wait. There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself open for the right person to come along. People have a hard time being single. It is so tempting to give the wrong people a chance, because it is tiring looking for the best match. So right from the beginning, even though the red flags are present early on, many people take the plunge and give a  ‘bad’ situation a chance. Then they spend an endless amount of time trying to make a bad relationship a good one.

The red flags were there as a warning that no good relationship would come from it, but they were ignored. Red flags are there for a reason. They are to help you to avoid bad relationships and experiences. If someone is lonely, or afraid they will grow old alone, they may stick out a bad relationship because they don’t want to start over. They feel what they have is better than nothing, and who is to say they would find better than what they have right now?

 Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

Good Relationships are Worth the Wait

These people should wait for an opportunity for good relationships rather than taking chances with such bad odds. It may make sense to some people to get involved with someone rather than wait around. The problem with that theory is that if you are with the wrong person, in a bad relationship, you will miss opportunities for good relationships.

People also learn bad relationship skills from bad relationships. They weren’t necessarily born with them, instead they learned from their bad experiences. They now take these bad relationship habits and skill and bring them into their new ones. Any wonder why they have the same problems in their relationships, one after the other? You could have been in a bad relationship with the wrong person. Just because you leave and start another one doesn’t mean you left that bad relationship behind. You will bring insecurities, ways of fighting, any list of bad habits along to infest your new relationship.

This is one of the main reasons good relationships are worth the wait. If your dating experience with someone has been horrible and totally stressful, why on earth would you enter into a relationship with them? That is going to be horrible and totally stressful too! A change in your status won’t make things better. Your dynamics are already there, and just changing your title won’t change a thing. It takes real effort and so much time to try to change dynamics once they are established. And even with all that effort and time nothing may wind up changing at all.

There is no way to avoid a bad relationship. Even the most cautious person can find themselves in the midst of a crummy relationship. That’s ok, as long as you get the hell out of there and spend an eternity trying to make it work. There has to come a time when you acknowledge it doesn’t work between you because it is not supposed to work. You aren’t truly compatible in important ways, don’t see eye to eye, and don’t want the same things. Don’t wait for things to get even worse. Cut yourself lose and seek something better, because good relationships are worth the wait, and the effort.

10 Ways to Date Smart and Safe

  • Posted on August 27, 2015 at 5:00 pm
10 Ways to Date Smart and Safe

Dating smart and safe can help you enjoy the process and find someone who is right for you. Too many people make mistakes during the dating process and wind up with relationships destined to fail. Dating should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t feel like a chore or a road…

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

  • Posted on January 26, 2015 at 1:59 pm

When people look for relationship qualities in a mate, they often get sidetracked by qualities that really won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. There are a few very important qualities to look for in a prospective partner that can help your relationship flow more smoothly and evolve over time.

1. Truthfulness – If the person in your life tells lies here and there or bends the truth, this may be a red flag of worse lies to come. If you cannot believe what comes out of your loved ones mouth, then you cannot build a foundation of trust. Without trust, a relationship doesn’t really stand a chance.

2. Morality/Integrity is a very important quality to look for in a relationship. When things go bad, or times get tough, you need to know the person you love won’t cross certain moral lines. Someone with questionable morality or lack of integrity is a very bad risk when it comes to relationships.

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

10 Qualities to Look for in a Relationship

3. As we said in our article Adult Relationships Cannot Handle Childish Behavior  maturity is a key requirement for a happy healthy relationship. Without maturity, your relationship is almost destined to be filled with major amounts of drama and dysfunction.

4. Another important quality to look for in a relationship is the willingness to compromise. The most successful relationships will almost always have a certain degree of compromise on both parties. If only one partner is willing to make compromises, the relationship is off-balance. Both partners must work at a relationship, not just one.

5. Emotional availability is another important quality to look for in a relationship. If you want a man or woman who is affectionate and expresses their feelings, then find someone capable of it. Don’t think it is just a matter of time before they open up, because that day may never come.

6. Consistency is also an important quality in a relationship. It is not about being perfect, it is about being a certain way most of the time. We all have our off days and our bad moods, but if bad behavior or attitudes pop up much too frequently, it will negatively affect the relationship.

7. Empathy is a quality many people find important in relationships. When you are feeling bad, angry, sick or anxious, you want your partner to help you out, not make things worse. It is not our partners responsibility to fix everything for us, but if they have no empathy, then the bad times are always made worse.

8. Chemistry does not really develop over time. If chemistry isn’t present right away, it rarely grows over time. Chemistry is a quality many people find important, so make sure there is some in your relationship or it may not progress.

9 Similar priorities are a great quality to have in a relationship. If a couple does not have the same priorities, it is usually bound to cause major riffs down the road that could lead to a break up.

10. The last, and very important quality to look for in a relationship is the ability to communicate well. If a couple cannot argue, talk or share properly, the relationship will eventually break down.


If your relationship is lacking any of these qualities, contact Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah for clarity and insight into your relationship. Sarah and Sophia are relationship experts and life coaches who can help you get your relationship on track.

Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

  • Posted on September 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

What is the worst case scenarios in relationships? Some worst case scenarios in relationships can include cheating, lying, or leaving to be with someone else. The problem with focusing only on the worst case scenarios in relationships is that such a negative viewpoint can affect the relationship in a negative way. Let’s say your worst case scenarios in relationships would be someone cheating on you. this could make you paranoid, insecure, and give you trust issues. The person you are with could be the most trustworthy person on earth that would never cheat on you in a million years. Because your worst case scenario in relationships is cheating, you may never be able to really trust them. You may constantly question their every more, or even feel the need to read their emails, text messages, or check their phone without their permission. This can make the person you love very very angry. They feel that because they have given you no reason to not to trust them, you have no right invading their privacy. You, on the other hand, have let your worst case scenarios get in the way of reality. Your worst case scenarios are in your head, not necessarily in your life. If you make these worst case scenarios a part of your life, they will affect your life big time. And since they are negative, most likely the affect will be negative as well. Not a really good idea if you want to keep your relationship running smooth.


relationships worst case scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

When couples fight, one or both may let their worst case scenarios take over. Instead of just taking some time to cool down or calm down, they make things worse. Their worst case scenario could be that the person they love will end the relationship at some point. So what do they do? They make every fight go over the top and may even end the relationship themselves! They feel the other person was going to do it anyway so they took the opportunity to do it first.


This is very damaging behavior to a relationship. Fights or arguments can be resolved, and are opportunities for growth and understanding. Making each fight lead to a break up can cause a lot of damage in so many ways. Because each fight with you ends in a break up, the person you love may keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves to avoid it. This leads to a breakdown in communication. Breakdowns in communication create a ripple affect, and affect many other aspects of the relationship as well. As the communication levels shut down, intimacy could shut down, and growing apart starts. Once that happens there is a good chance the relationship will come to an end at some point. Now the worst case scenario has come true! This is just one example of how worst case scenarios can come true because we are so heavily fixated on them. If you allow your worst case scenarios to rule your mind and emotions, they often ultimately show up in your relationships. A psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you concentrate on the reality of your relationship, and how it may be possible to get your best case scenario to come true instead.

Relationship Mistakes: Making too Many Mistakes in Your Relationship?

  • Posted on June 16, 2013 at 3:48 pm

No one wants to make mistakes in a new relationship. We all hope for the best and take our chances with our hearts. A great way to better your chances is to avoid some of the top common relationship mistakes such as:

Being too needy/clingy. If you call him or her constantly and expect them to talk to you each and every time they may think you are too high maintenance. This is a big mistake many people make in relationships. Don’t expect them to drop their entire life and re-arrange it for you. Of course in the beginning they may drop everything and make time for you but then they have to fit you into their real life. If you immediately show them that what they has to offer is not enough, they will give up and let you go.

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them


Talking way to much about your ex or comparing him/her to your ex. Getting some insight into your previous relationship may be helpful or interesting at first, but if you ramble on and on they may view you as bitter or not over your ex. When they see what they consider a “red flag” they may begin to distance themselves from you. Everyone wants to be recognized as an individual, and being compared to someone else like an ex (especially when a fight is going on) is annoying and insulting. Going on and on about your ex is a very big mistake and should be avoided at all costs.


Becoming intimate or saying I love you too soon. When you become intimate with someone too soon they cannot help but wonder if that is your M.O. Do you sleep with everyone right away? Becoming intimate with someone too soon can also put you in the “booty call” category without your knowing it. Once in that category, it is very hard to get out of it. Although we all want to be loved, we know we can only be truly loved when someone really knows us. If those words are said to quickly, they have little value because the person hearing those words wonders if you really mean it. Are you saying what they think you want to hear? How can they love you if they don’t really know you? It may also scare someone into thinking you are moving way to fast. It is a big mistake to say or do serious things if your relationship hasn’t had the time to get serious.

Constant complaining. You think they work to much. They spend too much time with their friends and family. You don’t like his friend Joe. Well, guess what? Those are all a part of THEIR life, so they feel you are criticizing their LIFE. How can you fit into their life if you seem to like no part of it? Then they wonder if they would have to change everything in their life to make you happy. Rather than do that, they let YOU go.


Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong and why your relationships either never get off the ground or end in disaster? Have you met some really great people that you thought were relationship material yet the whole thing fell apart? Do you wonder what relationship mistakes you may be making? A psychic life coach can pinpoint where your relationship mistakes occurred. Your psychic life coach can show you what behaviors are preventing you from holding onto relationships. Why keep making the same relationship mistakes when you can make some simple changes to get what it is you want? Call one of our gifted compassionate psychic life coaches and let them help you stop making relationship mistakes right away before another one gets away!


Tired of Being Second Choice? Stop Being Second Choice

  • Posted on October 20, 2012 at 11:08 am

Tired of Being His Second Choice?

Second choice is a position no one aspires to. We all want to be first choice, not second choice. Have you put the one you love as number one in your life, but are lucky if they even put you as second? Do always feel you are low man on the totem pole and wish you could be top priority for once? A psychic love reading can help you address why you are second fiddle to the other people in your loved one’s life. What makes them so important and you so unimportant? Why do they come first and not you? Relationship psychics can see why you are not priority with your boyfriend or husband.

It could be that you are not important enough to them for whatever reason. You need to find out what that reason is for them keeping you as second choice and a psychic love reading with a relationship psychic will definitely help you.  A relationship psychic can reveal if you will ever be top priority, or if you will always be second choice. A psychic love reading will reveal if they just take you for granted, but really do love you most of all. If there is a way to get the one you love to make you a first choice instead of second, third, or fourth choice, a psychic love reading will reveal what you can do to make that happen.

Is an ex getting in the way of you being first choice? Are you the women in his life yet she is the one who always gets her way? The best relationship psychics will be able to see if his (or her) ex is always going to be first or if you can get the top spot. You may worry if he still cares about his ex and has feelings for her, because you cannot understand why you are always second choice.

Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah are the best relationship psychics on the internet. They will read into your relationship and tell you if he is still not over his ex. If he is over his ex, they will be able to explain why she still has so much more power and a higher priority that you do. Relationship psychics will be able to tell you how you can shift the power from her to you and knock her down a few pegs. You may have tried it before and it did not work, but Sarah and Sophia will tell you HOW to change it, so she can become the second choice.

We are proud when the one we love is a good parent. But what if the kids are getting top priority while you are overlooked? The one you love can be a good parent and yes children should come first, but adults should have some special time that is all about them. His or her ex may want them to babysit at the drop of a hat and screw up your plans so they can go have a good time. Emergencies are one thing, free babysitting is another. Perhaps he is ex is using the children to screw up your relationship, and you can discover that with a psychic love reading. It is not the kids fault of course, and the situation has to be handled appropriately. The best relationship psychics will tell you the best (and worst) way to handle it before it further damages your relationship. Relationship psychics can help you become a much higher priority in your love relationship.

Love and relationships are quite tricky, and each relationship is different.  If the one you love is married, you may wonder when you will be number one instead of the husband or wife. It is very difficult to keep taking back seat to the wife or feeling you are second choice all the time. A consultation with a relationship psychic will reveal if you will ever be number one in this relationship.

Stop being second choice! It is time to put yourself first and the first step for that is a psychic love reading with the best love psychics on the internet, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise.

Psychic Relationship Life Coach

  • Posted on April 21, 2012 at 10:13 am
psychic relationship life coach

Psychic Relationship Life Coach Guides Your Relationship

A  psychic relationship life coach can help even the most dysfunctional relationship.  A life coach can offer you tools and guidance to improve your relationship, but a psychic relationship life coach can help your relationship in unique ways. Instead of blanket statements that can work for everyone, and tools and techniques that can be used by everyone, a psychic relationship life coach offers a more specialized and personalized approach to YOUR specific relationship concerns.

How can you find out exactly why the one you love does and says the things he does? A psychic relationship life coach will get to the root of what is really going on. That information can help you develop a deeper understanding of their behavior. With that knowledge your psychic relationship life coach can create a plan with you to bring about positive changes in your relationship.  We all want to be more in control of our lives and our emotions. When we have been hurt emotionally or our relationship is going through a tumultuous time, our whole life (and even our health) suffers. A psychic relationship life coach can help you take charge and set in motion the things that will create change within your relationship.

A psychic relationship life coach understands how tough your situation is, and how frustrated,angry, or depressed you may be. If it is truly time to accept defeat because positive change is not possible for your relationship, a psychic relationship life coach is there to help you on your journey to let go and reach closure.  We sometimes must give up because it is not always in our power to make a relationship work. No one can do it all, it takes two.  Before you wash your hands of your relationship, seek the advice of  psychic relationship life coaches, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. They may see solutions to problems and issues that you never thought possible. Since you have tried anything and everything to make it work, it may just need one more try with the right methods for you to have the relationship you desire and deserve.

Couples break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes couples break up and get back together when they shouldn’t. It is not healthy for a relationship to constantly and continually stop and start. It becomes a pattern within the relationship, and without the proper guidance and insight from a psychic relationship life coach, it will eventually end for good, after too much damage has been done. On again, off again relationships are dysfunctional with a capital “D”.

A psychic relationship life coach can see if commitment with a particular person is even possible. Not every man or woman will be ready at some point to make a serious commitment. You do not want to try and force a commitment only to have it blow up in your face. There may be a right time and a wrong time to push for it. You can find out from a psychic relationship life coach when the right time to ask for a commitment is, and if they will honor that commitment. What good is getting a commitment if the person giving it does not take it seriously? A psychic relationship life coach can also reveal to you why it has taken this long for you to get a commitment in the first place.

You may want to know the best way to deal with an ex. Your ex may be constantly on your mind, or may have popped back into your life out of the blue. A psychic relationship life coach can tell you why he is on your mind, what his intentions are towards you, and if he has had a change of heart. A psychic relationship life coach can see why you really broke up in the first place. You may think you know the reason, but your break up could have more layers and reasons than you are aware of. So, when it comes to dealing with the ex, a psychic relationship life coach can guide you towards closure, or reuniting with a healthier, more stable relationship this time around.

If you are involved in an affair, or the victim of an affair, a psychic life coach can offer predictions of what the future has in store for you. You may want to believe he will get a divorce, leave his marriage or girlfriend, but how can you know what is really going through his mind. Does he want to have his cake and eat it to? Are the things he is telling you about his wife or girlfriend really true? He is lying to her obviously, but is he lying to you as well? Here is where a psychic relationship life coach is better than just a life coach. With the use of psychic gifts, your session/psychic reading will reveal the truth he may be trying to hide from you. You will find out if he ever will leave, or if he is just stringing you along for selfish reasons. You will find out if you should give your husband or boyfriend a second chance after he cheated on you. Don’t you want to know if he will do it again before you give him another chance? A psychic relationship life coach can let you know if he is worth the risk you would be taking to trust him again.

A psychic relationship life coach can help you turn your current nightmare of a relationship into the relationship of your dreams.


When Will He Call ~ Psychic Relationship Reading

  • Posted on March 30, 2012 at 2:16 pm

When Will He Call?

When will he call is one of the top questions we are most often asked. Clients who have not heard from their guy very often sit by the phone, waiting for it to ring. They try and guess when he will call, and often give him a certain amount of time to call before he is in big trouble.

when will he call psychic reading

When Will He Call – Psychic Reading

Many clients focus on the “when will he call?” question rather than the bigger question. The real question should be “Why hasn’t he called?”  If you have to call a love psychic to ask them “when will he call” then you have a problem with your relationship that you are clearly not addressing. If you are in a relationship you should never have to wonder “When will he call?” because you should be able to depend on the fact that he WILL call. If you knew you could rely on him to call you, the question “When will he call?” would never enter into your mind.

One of the things a psychic relationship reading can reveal to you, is that you may be avoiding the real reason why he has not called you. Perhaps he does not view this relationship the same way that you do! The other question you may not have thought to ask is “Why doesn’t he call me regularly”? Texting here and there and random phone calls do not help a relationship grow. Instead of wondering when he will call, you need to find ways to get him to call you like a normal boyfriend does. If a woman has to worry when he will call, she will never be secure in her relationship. So stop focusing on the WHEN WILL HE CALL, and instead put your energy into fixing this relationship.

So how can you get from worrying about “When will he call” to being secure and knowing he will call? A psychic relationship reading will give you accurate tools, advice and guidance to get your relationship on stable ground.
What if you can never count on this man to call you regularly? What if you will always wonder if and when he will ever call you again? A psychic relationship reading will predict if this situation will ever be resolved of it is time you should call it quits. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are love psychics as well as psychic relationship life coaches who can bring you results, rather than just offering time frames of phone calls when you have much bigger problems.

Office Romance

  • Posted on October 4, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Is there a guy at the office that has caught your eye and you are thinking about starting an office romance? Is there a man at work who keeps flirting with you? Do you wonder if this office flirtation will turn into an actual office romance? What, if anything can come of it? A love psychic reading with Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can help you find out the intentions of your office romance or office crush.

office romane office crush advice from love psychics

Office Romances Can be Tricky

Maybe they just like to flirt. Maybe they would love to date you, but because you work together they will never come forward and ask you out. You may be unaware of the fact that the guy from work is already involved with someone else. Perhaps the reason they have not asked you out is because they are already involved, either with a girlfriend or wife. Would they leave them for you or are they just looking for a sexual encounter, fling, or affair? You may want an office romance, where they may be interested in just a physical encounter, nothing more.

These are important questions about an office romance you may hope for or are currently involved in. If you want answers,  psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can provide you with an accurate reading that will let you know exactly what your office crush is after and if romance is what they have in mind. You may also want to know if your office romance can get more serious down the road or if it will just wither away once the newness is gone.

Getting involved with someone at work only to have it end badly can affect not just your heart but your job. You need to know as much information as possible and find out what the projected outcome is should you enter in to a relationship with someone from the office.

What about you? Are you already involved with a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife but find your attention drawn to someone at work? Before you let your emotions and attraction lead the way, you need to think about the consequences of what this office romance could bring. Love psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can offer you advice and insight regarding your current situation and tell you if you are only making a bad situation worse (or adding to it) or if this is the universe opening a door to put you on a new path to happiness.