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Sabotaging Love

  • Posted on December 30, 2015 at 2:56 am
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Sabotaging love happens in more relationships than people realize. There are many people sabotaging relationships without really wanting to. A deep-rooted issue causes many people to start sabotaging their relationship even when things are going really great. It could be a fear of abandonment. It could be a fear of…

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

  • Posted on June 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Is your relationship out of control due to controlling behavior? Does the man or woman in your life feel the need to take your decisions out of your hands? Do they constantly give you advice that you didn’t ask for and then get mad at you if you didn’t take it? Do they have to plan everything down to the minutest detail leaving no room for anything spontaneous? Do they feel the need to tell you (actually INSIST is more like it) how you should dress, eat and think? Do they want you to do things only after you have spoken to them first and gotten their approval? Do they get mad at you when you make decisions without consulting them first?


Does the man or woman in your life refuse to accept the word “no” from you and will go on and on and on until they break you down so you finally say yes? Are you no longer allowed to do anything by yourself? Has spending time alone with your friends and family become “not allowed”? Have they distanced themselves (and you) from YOUR family and YOUR friends but you can spend plenty of time with THEIR family and friends? Have they caused riffs between you and your friends and family?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?


Does it seem like no one in your life can get along with them or meet their approval? Have you been doing less and less of the things YOU like but doing more and more of what THEY like? Have they forgotten to even say please and thank you to you anymore? Do they give you the third degree about what YOU do when they arent around but give little or no details about what THEY do when they aren’t with you? Do they make you feel like part of a team when actually they are the boss?


All these are signs of a relationship where you are being controlled. People that love you do not control you. It’s as simple as that. Of course they will say they only want what is best for you and are the only one who really cares enough to look out for you. They make you feel as if you owe them thanks (and whatever else) for loving you THAT MUCH that they have taken over every aspect of your life. What they are really doing is insulting you.


You were able to live, be happy, have hobbies, likes and dislikes, form opinions, and establish relationships with friends and family before they came along. What they are saying to you is that you did EVERYTHING wrong before they showed up and now are going to fix it THEIR WAY. Eventually everyone being controlled realizes it isn’t based on love but power and insecurity, selfishness or perfectionism.


Can a controlling relationship be changed where each member of the couple has equal say? A psychic love and relationship reading can show you if this is possible, and more. Your love psychic can give you the validation that you are being controlled, because many people don’t even know they are being controlled. Your psychic relationship reading can help you find the steps to take to balance the control in your relationship so it all isn’t one-sided, but equal. Your psychic relationship reading may also show that this relationship is not salvageable either. Only by getting your own personal psychic reading can you find out how to change your life from being under someones thumb to standing on your own two feet with all of your power back. The person trying to control you won’t change, what they are doing is working for them in the little world they are creating for the two of you. If you want to be an equal partner in your relationship some things are going to have to change, and your love psychic can show you what, and how.



Are Insecurity Issues Ruining Your Relationship?

  • Posted on March 29, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Love psychics help with insecurity issues that can ruin your relationships! Let expert psychics help you and the one you love to save your relationship! When your relationship is suffering because of insecurities, our love psychics help you before it is too late.

Insecurities cause many problems in relationships. Insecurity can keep people in relationships from moving forward and sabotaging the ones they are already involved in. One of the main causes for the breakdown of relationships can be insecurity issues. Love psychics can help you get your insecurity under control before your relationship gets out of control.

expert psychics help insecurity issues

Expert Psychics Help Insecurity Issues

What if the one you love is letting his insecurity ruin your relationship? You may not have given your boyfriend or husband any reason to feel insecure. The problem with insecurity may be theirs, and only theirs, to deal with. The problem is though, that their insecurity becomes YOUR problem. Love psychics can help you get to the bottom of your boyfriend or husbands insecurity issues and show how you should handle them.

Insecurity issues when it comes to relationships only get worse over time unless they are dealt with head on. Ignoring insecurities only make them worse. Love psychics can help show you how your insecurities can be ruining your relationship without you even knowing. Love psychics see break ups, communication problems, and cheating can all be coming from insecurity.

In matters of love and relationships, there are so many problems that actually stem from insecurities. People may have a hard time expressing their feelings, showing emotions, and trusting people that have earned it.

You may have broken up already with the one you love because of insecurities. You may want to get back together with your ex, but if the insecurity problem is not solved, you will only break up again. Expert psychic readings help you get rid of insecurity problems once and for all.

Relationship Sabotage: Don’t let your relationship be sabotoged

  • Posted on March 23, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Relationship sabotage happens all the time. Relationship sabotage also comes in many forms so you may not even be aware of it.  Some people know consciously they are sabotaging a relationship but others will sabotage a relationship without evening knowing it. What are some of the reasons people engage in relationship sabotage?

relationship sabotage psychic relationship reading

Relationship Sabotage

People sabotage relationships for many reasons. You may have trust issues from your past because of cheating or being cheated on. Your ex may have sabotaged your relationship by cheating, and even your current partner may do it too. There may not be closure for either you or your partner. Dealing with the ex can be a form of relationship sabotage as well. Because of how badly they were hurt (or you were hurt) by an ex may be the reason your relationship is being sabotaged right now.

People sabotage relationships in many ways. Some people refuse to commit and sabotage the relationship from moving forward. They think if they keep the pace set at “slow” they can keep their feelings from developing too quickly.  Some people come in and out of your life. This form of relationship sabotage is to keep you in their life, but not give the relationship a chance to really develop. Sometimes people are so afraid of a relationship failing that they are afraid to give it a real chance. Why? Because if they give it a chance it has a chance to FAIL. The fear of failure can keep people from commitment, and being consistent with their behavior and words.

A psychic relationship reading can help you rid yourself of the behavior and words that are sabotaging your relationship. Psychic relationship readings are a great way to find out what the motive truly is of the negative things your partner is doing or saying to you. You may think the one you love really does not love you or care about your relationship. You think they are not afraid to lose you, and do not care if they do. You could be way off base, because someone who sabotages a relationship can do it AND love you. Just because someone sabotages a relationship does not mean they want to lose you either.  Discover what is really creating the sabotage in your relationship with a private psychic relationship reading from Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. With their many years of experience they will be able to cut through the nonsense and see clearly into the heart of what is occurring in your relationship to allow you to bring the relationship sabotage to an end.