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Taking Risks in Relationships

  • Posted on August 15, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Taking risks in relationships is not always wise, but all relationships have an element of risk.

risk taking in relationships

Taking Risks in Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, taking risks in relationships almost always seems worth taking. So should you take the risk and enter into a relationship? The best course of action is to assess the risk. Don’t avoid it, acknowledge it. You will be better equipped to handle and perhaps even lessen the risks involved in a relationship if you see them clearly. Too often the risk factor is right in front of us, almost as a sign from the universe of what we need to watch out for. Think of it as what the worst case scenarios could be. When it comes to other areas of our life we often focus too much on worst case scenarios, yet in relationships, not often enough. The more we honestly realize how much of a risk we are taking, the better the chance we have of dealing with these risk as they arise. Our hearts, emotions, and happiness should be taken seriously. When it comes to our job we are very careful and often would never think of risking our jobs. We try and play it smart when it comes to our finances and income. We should be just as aware of what we stand to lose when taking risks in relationships.

Many people begin affairs because they are focused on the sex, the new feelings of romance and the adrenaline rush. You would be surprised how shocked many people in affairs are when they are caught. It is as if they never thought as seriously as they should what would and could happen if they got busted. Why? Before they acted and chose to risk losing their relationship, shouldn’t they have put more thought into the consequences? Just because you think you may avoid the consequences of any behaviors, actions or words that could affect your relationship, does not mean you will. Chances are you won’t. So really think about what you are risking as opposed to what you think you are momentarily gaining.

You do not have to take every risk that comes your way. You have free will and are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences you may face because of those choices. If the red flags are all waving regarding the person you are dating, why would you consider a relationship with them? All relationships have an element of risk. We get no guarantees that it will work out. No amount of research beforehand can eliminate all the risks. But shouldn’t we only take those risks that have a better chance at a better outcome? You wouldn’t bet your savings if you only had a 10 percent chance of winning would you? You wouldn’t take the risk. Why then would you risk your heart, your love, your happiness, your body, mind and soul on a risky relationship with terrible odds? Sure, you can say it is because you love the person. But there was a time when you felt less for them, at the beginning. It was at that time that you could have bailed and chosen not to take the risk. Sure, it would have hurt, but not to the depth you would now if you ended it. Never be afraid to put the brakes on a relationship if the risks are too high. You could save yourself a lot of heartache and wasted time down the line.

How Does He Feel About Me? What Does He Think About Me?

  • Posted on June 22, 2012 at 2:19 pm

How Does He Feel About Me? What Does He Think About Me?

How does he feel about me? What are his feelings for me? What does he think about me? Why won’t he tell me how he feels about me? These are the questions almost everyone asks us, but they are every psychic’s nightmare. There are a few problems these questions present, and the first one is VAGUENESS. When you have feelings for someone, you almost always have EVERY feeling for them. You have felt love, anger, frustration, jealousy and even depression at some point in almost every relationship. Well so does he.

how does he feel about me what does he think of me

How Does He Feel About Me? What Does He Think of Me?

So how can that question be properly answered? It really can’t. If you want to know if he loves you, a simple yes or no should suffice, but clients need to realize that because someone loves you does not mean you will be together or stay together. Sometimes just love is not enough.

The problem with the question “What does he think about me?” is similar. How many thoughts have you had about this person? Were they are the same? No. Were their thousands of them over the course of time? Yes. Were some thoughts of anger because of a fight and don’t mean anything? Yes. This question is beyond vague.

how does he feel about me what does he think psychic reading

How Does He Feel About Me Psychic Reading

When someone asks “How does he feel about me?” or “What does he think about me?” they don’t understand we get information that will answer the question but is probably not in the way you want. For instance, a client asked what does he think about me right now? The answer specifically to that question was that she was a good cook. That was what he was thinking about her today. Did the client like that answer? No! She wanted to know what he thinks about where their relationship is headed. Well, why didn’t she ask that question?

Could it be that clients assume that the things THEY think about regarding the one they love and the questions they ask themselves about the one they love are the same for all human beings, including the one they love? Well, all people are different. Just because you have been going crazy wondering where your relationship is headed does not mean your significant other does. And, just because he has not been wondering where your relationship is headed does NOT mean he doesn’t care about the relationship or you.

As for how he feels about you, shouldn’t you look deeper into why you are questioning his feelings or why you are unaware of his feelings? You may think he is not showing his feelings for you enough. It could be that he is showing you he cares for you, but not in the way you want. People’s moods often change, and if someone is having a stressful day at work and had a fight with their boss they are not going to necessarily be thinking thoughts of love for you that day. They may not even think of you that day. Does that mean he does not care or think much of you? Not necessarily.

A woman could have a fight with her boyfriend and obsess about it the next day and ask “What does he think about the fight we had last night?”. Guess what? He could be the kind of guy that chooses not to think about the fight because he needs to calm down, doesn’t want to deal with it at the moment, or can’t. Does that mean he doesn’t care you had a fight? No. Does it mean it doesn’t bother him? No, this is just how he handles it.

Just because he does not think as much as you do, express as much as you do, or handle emotions the way you do does not mean he is in the wrong. He is different than you, just like every other human being on the planet. If you do not think he expresses his feelings for you enough, thinks about you enough and does not handle the problems and issues in the relationship, then you should be asking if things will remain the same, or change! If this is how he is and change is not possible, you have to accept him as is. If you can’t, then it is time you accept he is not right for you and never will be.

how does he feel about me what does he think of me psychic reading

How Does He Feel About Me? What Does He Think of Me?

The simple fact that you do not know his feelings indicates a greater problem in your relationship. Finding out his feelings through a psychic reading does not fix that problem, nor will it make it go away. Clients need to realize that sometimes the answer to “When will he tell me how he really feels about me?” is never. Not everyone is going to find out everyone’s true feelings for them. Life is really not like the Lifetime Movie Network. Not everyone who loves you is going to show it and not everyone who loves you will treat you well. This is simply a fact of life… C’est la vie!

Love brings out the best and worst in people. There are times when things will definitely be worse, but that does not mean the love is no longer there. If this love is only bringing out the worst in you, him, or both of you, then something needs to change or the love will end. So simply knowing someone loves you does not ensure those feelings will last or that a relationship will develop.

When you ask a psychic about his feelings, or what he is thinking, take the vagueness out of the question. The “how doe he feel about me?” question might just provide some very weird answers. Some better questions would be.. How does he feel about a future for us? Does he feel love for me? Does he feel I am the one for him? Have his feelings of love for me grown stronger and will they continue to grow stronger in the future? Has our fight changed his feelings for me or done long term damage? Those are the right questions to ask to get specific answers.

It is up to you to supply the questions, not the psychics. Picture a field of grass. Each blade of grass is a feeling or a thought he has. You expect us to pick which blade of grass out of the whole field that will tell you the answer you need without giving us the right question? Sure, we can pick through blade by blade but you are the one paying for the time it takes. We do not choose the information we receive but are guided by the questions we are asked. When you ask straight-forward questions, you will get the best possible reading as well as a greater number of details.

Having Problems with His Ex?

  • Posted on October 11, 2011 at 9:31 pm

When a relationship is over, there should be closure and a set of new boundaries placed. But what if your boyfriend or husbands ex keeps crossing those boundaries? Is your boyfriend (or husband) enabling his ex to make your life a living hell? When will they learn to respect your life together? Will they ever? Are their things you or your husband/boyfriend could do (or stop doing) to put them in their rightful place?

having problems with his ex

Having Problems With his Ex?

You may also be wondering, or unaware of the fact that his ex might have an agenda. The ex may want your husband or boyfriend back, and the both of you fighting about the ex is playing right into their hands.

The ex may not even want him back, but just wants to see him unhappy with you. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can give you a psychic reading that will see clearly what their ex is up to and why and give you the tools needed to stop whatever plans they may have. Your boyfriend or husband may think everything the ex is doing is innocent, and may feel his way of handling his ex is the right way. The thing is, he didn’t know how to handle his ex when they were together, otherwise the relationship might not have ended.

The two of you should not be fighting about the ex, but should come up with a plan on how to deal with the ex. Psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can tell you if there is a better way to communicate your frustrations, anger, and insecurity regarding the ex without causing a fight between you and your husband or boyfriend. If your husband or boyfriend is being stubborn and won’t listen to you, psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can tell you what your next plan of action should be. (And what you shouldn’t do)

There may be nothing that can be done, and you need to accept that. Better to find out now what you are dealing with, so you know how best to deal with his ex.

What you have been doing isn’t working, so isn’t it time to try something else? Don’t wait around for the ex to suddenly change their ways, people don’t always change. Make those changes for her. A psychic reading with Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can help you find ways, if there are any, to get the ex out of your lives so you can live yours in peace.


Does He Give You Mixed Signals?

  • Posted on October 1, 2011 at 12:47 am
Are you getting mixed signals?


Are the mixed signals your man is sending you driving you nuts? Is the man in your life confusing you with his behavior and what he says? Does he tell you he loves you but  does not act like it? Does your boyfriend fail to tell you he loves you but his actions make you believe he does? Is there a guy you are interested in who sometimes acts like he is interested in you but other times he acts as though you don’t exist?


It is very hard when someone is trying so hard to hide their feelings for you for you to figure out what is really going on. One day you are on cloud nine because you got a positive validation that he does care and he is interested, then the next day you get the opposite and fall right off that cloud you were perched on. Mixed signals in your relationship can drive you nuts!


So which is it? Does he care or does he not care? Is he interested or are you just seeing what you want to see? This where a psychic relationship reading from either Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise can really help. These love psychics  can tell you if they are flirting with you because they are a flirt or if they are planning to take an actual romantic move in your direction.

You don’t want to waste time hoping someone who is sending you mixed signals will get their signals straight if they never will.  A psychic relationship reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise will help you get a clear understand of why you are getting mixed signals. Sarah and Sophia can look deep into the situation, and let you know what is really going on, why their signals are so mixed, and what you can do to help the situation. It could be possible that your boyfriend (significant other, love interest, crush etc) is unaware that the signals he is putting out there are mixed.


On the other hand, perhaps you do not know how to read the signals your boyfriend (love interest, etc) is sending you. Maybe you are having the problem deciphering the mixed signals he is sending you. What if your boyfriend thinks you should be reading him loud and clear? What if the mixed signals are making you insecure but they are not meant to? Not knowing can really damage a relationship or prevent one from getting off the ground. A love psychic relationship reading from Sophia Elise or Lady Sarah will help you uncover and understand what the truth really is. Allow them to help you decipher the mixed signals being put out there so you can get your relationship on the road to success.