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Will Your Soul Mate and His Ex Make It?

  • Posted on January 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Will Your Soul mate and His Ex Make It?

Will your soul mate and his ex make it? For some unknown reason, that to you could never make sense, your soul mate decided to let go of your great relationship and try to make it with his ex. You remember his ex, right? The one they said treated them…

Soul Mates: All or Nothing

  • Posted on July 20, 2015 at 9:37 pm
soul mates all or nothing

Soul mates seem to be all about extremes. The range of emotions between soul mates often resembles a roller coaster. Up, then down, up then down. Not a whole lot of middle ground. There is a choice set before all soul mates. Learn the lessons the universe requires and make the…

Calling it Quits in Soul Mate Relationships

  • Posted on August 26, 2014 at 9:00 am

We may believe it is time for calling it quits, even in soul mate relationships. It can be frustration with a relationship that makes us feel it is time for calling it quits. It can be with a business we are trying to keep afloat yet we feel like we are drowning. A friendship can have us reach a point where calling it quits seems to be the only option.

soul mate relationship

Calling it Quits in Soul Mate Relationships

Soul mates quite often go through periods of time where calling it quits leads to soul mate separation. Soul mates are not what many people believe them to be. Many people are unaware that soul mates can break up even though there is an intense connection between them. Twin flames don’t call it quits. Soul mates do. And sometimes soul mates think calling it quits over and over again won’t destroy the relationship. This is not the truth. Even though soul mates have that unique bond and connection, soul mates can separate for good.

In many cases, soul mates that call it quits often wind up finding their way back to one another. The intensity of soul mate relationships is so strong. The connection is so deep, and the feelings so overwhelming that many people feel a loss of control. With this feeling of loss of control can come a desire to regain control. One such way is to call it quits with their soul mate. They get the idea that if they cannot get control of their emotions, then why not just end the relationship? This way they get their control back. That may sound good on paper but it is not always the case. We are responsible for controlling our emotions to a certain degree, but we cannot shut our emotions off entirely. We are humans, not robots.

Many people call psychics because the one they love or even their soul mate has called it quits and they are devastated. They want to know if there is a chance for a reunion because the thought of being without them hurts too much. People should take break ups seriously, yet some break ups should not be taken seriously. Why? Because some people do not see the difference between a fight and a break up. Just because a couple has a fight does not mean it will lead to a break up, especially with soul mates. It is okay for a couple to have disagreements, and it can actually resolve problems and bring the couple closer together. Some people worry that every little argument or cross word will lead to calling it quits. This is not always true, and if the relationship is a healthy one, it cannot be true. What that worry does signify is that there is a bigger problem that is not being addressed. If the one you love has called it quits, or you are feeling it may be time to call it quits, contact Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. Our gifted psychic readers can help you understand if it really is time to let go and move toward closure, or if you are worrying needlessly and why.

Soul Mate Relationship – Signs that you’re in a soul mate relationship

  • Posted on December 26, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Signs that you are in a soul mate relationship

Soul Mate Relationship - Signs that you're in a soul mate relationship

Soul Mate Relationship – Signs that you’re in a soul mate relationship

     1. After the two of you have been together for a time, there will be some personal crisis that one of you has that will create a rift in the relationship and it will be up to the two of you to overcome this challenge and grow together, or risk splitting apart.

   2. The time of soul mates separating is a time for personal growth for yourself and for your soul mate partner. Remember to not just focus or get frustrated on what THEY need to learn, turn inward and focus on what it is that YOU need to learn as well. In most cases BOTH need to make changes and grow, so although you make think you are ready to embrace this soul mate relationship, think again….you may have missed YOUR lesson and your chance for growth.

3.    One of you may not be fully ready to embrace the intensity of the soul mate karma and decide to completely walk away from it, which will create extreme challenges for the other to overcome, deal with and work through. It may also be a difficult time for the person attempting to walk away, and if it proves too difficult, they of course return.

4.    There is, of course, a chance that the two of you will never reunite to continue to work on further soul mate life lessons but perhaps the life lesson was the experiencing of the personal growth that would occur as you dealt with and worked through the loss of that relationship.

5.    Soul mate relationships, while karmic and spiritual, can still come with the sense of one of the soul mate partners trying to control the other, and to truly grasp the soul mate connection, you have to let go of control completely.

6.  Only ONE OF YOU may agree this is a soul mate relationship and is ready to take the plunge, while the other refuses to acknowledge the connection or is hell bent on destroying it.

7.    7. There are some soul mate relationships, that if they can successfully overcome their challenges obstacles and personal growth, actually morph into a twin flame relationship

There seem to be many soul mate relationships on the planet right now and again this makes sense as we are all evolving and growing to higher spiritual awareness and personal growth. When you find yourself in a soul mate relationship, rest assured that the lesson will most surely come at some point in that relationship. There are more twin flame relationships on the planet now than there ever have been but even with that statement the number of true twin flame relationships is not that many. Twin flame relationships can be quite different from soul mate relationships in that the painful personal growth has very often already occurred as a result of being in one, or several, soul mate relationships prior to meeting a twin flame, although that is not always the case. The biggest difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame relationship is that the growth that occurs from a twin flame will be nurturing supportive growth, while that of a soul mate can be difficult and at times personally traumatic – although not always the case.