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Free Love Spell : Love Spell You Can Do For Free

  • Posted on July 6, 2013 at 10:39 pm

Instead of wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on internet spellcasters who are really truly only after your money, you have the power within you to do a little magic yourself with A free love spell!  Magic, and spells for that matter, are really nothing more than energy work where you use the materials as a way to hold your focus while you do the ritual. It is the motion and process of the ritual itself that keeps you focused on your intent and desire. But please remember you can never bend the free will of another human being to coerce them into wanting to be with you and neither can anyone else for that matter. You can, however, do some manifesting on your own and only have to invest in a few materials to make it happen.


Free Love Spell !

For example, if you are currently single and would like to attract a love interest into your life, without naming a name, a free love spell could definitely give you an energy boost. Before doing love spells it is important to check the moon cycle and gather the materials you will need for the spell. Most love spells should be performed when the moon is waxing up until the time it is full. After the full moon, the love spell will not be as effective. A waning moon, the time from the full moon to the next new moon, is a time of release and letting go, a time when were free ourselves of blockages and obstacles. To do a love spell at this time would give the energy of freeing love from you life. That is not what you want to do.

You could perform this love spell on any night of the week, but some circles say that Friday or Saturday night is best. After you have gathered your items, it is good to cleanse them to make sure they are free of any negative energies or funk attached from anyone else. To clear your materials you can put them outside in the sun for a few minutes or sprinkle them with salt or smudge with a sage stick.


Free Love Spells

Here is a simple FREE LOVE SPELL to attract a love relationship into your life

A piece of paper, preferably parchment paper
A pen (not a pencil)
A red ribbon
Your favorite perfume
Your favorite shade of lipstick
A pink candle

Get into a quiet and centered place and light the candle. Using the pen and paper list all the qualities you seek in a partner. Even though you may have a specific person in mind for this exercise, it is best not to try and specifically use their characteristics as we can not use magic and love spells to override the free will of another human being. Love spells just dont work that way. Lightly spritz the paper with your perfume. Roll the paper like a scroll and tie the red ribbon around it. Apply the lipstick and kiss the envelope!! Now sit quietly for a few minutes with the scroll in both hands in front of you and envision yourself happy, peaceful and in love. Hold the image in your mind for as long as you can, focusing on your happiness. When you are finished, put the scroll under your pillow or in a safe place. Don’t untie it or you will break the spell.

Free Will, Spells, Candles and VooDoo

  • Posted on June 26, 2012 at 2:06 pm
Free Will love spells

Love Spells and Free Will

Free will is something each and every one of us have. Free will is something that cannot be taken away from us. Neither you nor any psychic reader, spellcaster, self-proclaimed witch, warlock or voodoo mama has the ability to work against another’s free will. No psychic can promise to get your boyfriend back, stop divorce, influence the thoughts or feelings of the one you love, or do anything to remove anyone’s God-given free will.

If the person you love does not love you, there is nothing you, nor any psychic can do, about it. They have the free will to love whoever they want, just like you do. If they don’t love you, or want to be with you, that is their choice. That is their free will!
Desperate, broken-hearted people are vulnerable enough to try anything to change the mind and heart of the one they love. They are willing to cast spells, do candle burnings, meditations and aura cleansings to coerce their love interest to come back and often spends thousands of dollars in doing so. The bottom line? If the person is going to love you, come back to you, commit to you, express feelings for you, they will do it of their own free will. No spells, magic or “work” of any kind can change someone’s free will, and attempting to do so can bring about karma you sure as hell do not want.
Free WIll Spells candles and other work

Free Will Candles Spell and VooDoo

If the person comes back to you, loves you, commits to you or whatever, it is NOT because the spells, candle burnings or curse removal was successful. They made their choice with their own free will.
The person you love may never leave their wife or girlfriend (boyfriend or husband). They are allowed to make that decision, even if it seems unfair to you, because that is their free will choice. They will reap what they sow, and karmic justice is up to the universe. It is ridiculous to think anyone has the power, without a gun, to reprogram someone’s mind like a robot. No one can do it to you, or anyone else. When our emotions are running high, we want to do something, anything, to get that person to come back to us.
The bottom line is we must accept we don’t have the power to do anything. If their mind is made up, and their heart is closed off, it is time to accept reality. This is the choice they made by using their own free will.
There may be some things you can do to help the one you love see you in a better light, grow more fond of you, and to develop feelings for you. They of course must be open to it. There are also things you can do to make someone fall out of love with you, and ruin things between you. That is where you have your free will, to either do nothing, something positive, or something constructive.
Free will is what God (the universe, whatever your beliefs are) gave all of us. No one can take it away. The only free will are in control of is our own. Use your free will to make the most out of your situation, and make the best decisions possible and don’t waste any money of spells, charms, amulets, potions or other bullshit that tries to override the free will of another human being.  It won’t work anyway.

Can a Psychic Get Your Boyfriend Back?

  • Posted on April 23, 2012 at 10:58 am
can a psychic get your boyfriend back

Can a Psychic Get Your Boyfriend Back?

Can a Psychic Get Your Boyfriend Back?

A psychic might tell you they can get your boyfriend back, can a psychic get your boyfriend back? If they say they will they are lying. No one has the power to get your boyfriend back because they don’t have power over your boyfriend to get him to come back to you. There is no amount of meditation, candle burning, curse removal, or any other way that a psychic or anyone can do that will bring your boyfriend back to you. So why do so many psychics promise to help you get your boyfriend back, make your relationship better, or reunite lost love? Money of course. These are not real love psychics who are using their gift to help people. These are people out to scam the vulnerable clients into paying large amounts of money for their own gain.

The most a love psychic can do is tell you if your boyfriend will want to come back to you of his own free will. A psychic relationship reading can show what you have the power to do to get his free will to be more positive to you. For instance, if your boyfriend left you because he was angry at you for being to needy, a psychic would be able to see that in your reading. A reputable love psychic would then advise you against calling, texting or emailing him 800 times a day. The psychic would tell you if there is a way to get him to see that he made a mistake, and should give your relationship another chance.

What a psychic cannot do, is make him change his mind, or control his free will but so many people fall into the trap of believing a psychic can get your boyfriend back. You did not lose your boyfriend because you have a curse on you. Your boyfriend did not break up with you because there is a curse on him. Scam artists claiming to be psychic may tell you that, but it is never the truth. What they want is for you to pay them a large sum of money for something useless. It is terrible to kick people when they are down, but with heartache sometimes comes desperation, and sadly, many people have fallen victim to this kind of scam.

There are no magic candles anywhere on this planet or any other that can make him come back. There is no talisman that can be created that a psychic can use to get your boyfriend back. It is up to your boyfriends, and no magic, spells, voodoo or anything can control it. A psychic relationship reading, with a caring, compassionate love psychic can tell you if his free will is what will bring him back to you. They can tell you what you should not do, and what consequences may occur if you do them. A psychic relationship reading will predict if you will have the chance to get back together, and the best and quickest way for you to help that along. If your psychic reading shows that there is no future for the two of you, it is up to you then to seek closure.

It is almost always traumatic when a relationship ends, especially when one party is not yet ready to accept and let go. Do not allow fake psychics to take your money on useless things such as spells, meditations, aura cleansings, curse removal, candle burnings or anything else.  When a “psychic” offers you the opportunity or tries to frighten you into paying for any of these services, you need to hang up the phone, end the chat session, and never speak to them again. They are not out of help you, but to put a huge dent in your wallet.